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Sword Art Online Episode 9 Summary + Review!

The difficult boss results in a difficult maneuver.

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So, we start off with a recap of what happened at the end of Episode 8.

Opening Song: Crossing Field by LiSA

Episode 9: The Blue Eyed Demon

Kirito and Asuna managed to escape.

While talking, Asuna suddenly asks why Kirito isn’t using the sword Liz forged for him and also why he doesn’t have a sword. Kirito seems to look away, as he seems unwilling to tell. 

Suspicious indeed.
Asuna then lets it go and decides that they have lunch. She made sandwiches.

Kirito is practically drooling.

He takes a bite and says it’s delicious. Asuna tells him that she makes it good after a year’s worth of studying and practicing. She had to analyze the effects of hundreds of ingredients.

Asuna would make such a good wife.
She even managed to produce soy sauce from some herbs in the game.

They then see Klein’s guild come up. They greet each other.

Klein then notices Asuna and has jaw drops. 

He then hesitantly introduces himself to Asuna, but Kirito punches him down instead. 

The other members of the guild all realize that it’s Asuna and try to crowd over her, saying that they’re happy to meet her while Kirito tries to hold them off.

Suddenly, another guild, “The Army,” comes over as well. They’ve suffered heavy losses after clearing the 25th floor, so they’re focused on strengthening their army.

The Army: A group of exhausted men.
The leader then commands all the guild members to rest. All the members gasp and sit down, exhausted after trekking so far.

The guild leader asks Kirito, who has the room fully mapped, for the map data. Klein and Asuna refuse at first, but Kirito decides to agree, as he planned to put it up for sale sooner or later.

Map data.
The guild leader thanks him.

He then leaves, commanding the rest of his guild to move as well. However, his entire guild seems weak and exhausted.

Kirito and the others suspect that they may be going to the boss room, but then decide that it’s impossible because of how weak his guild members are.

As Kirito begins to go after them, Klein basically tells Asuna to take good care of Kirito. Asuna agrees.

Episode Halfway Break

They continue their way through the floor. They notice that only the boss room is left, and haven’t seen “The Army.” Klein wonders if they’ve went home.

Suddenly, they hear a scream from the boss room. Kirito and Asuna chase towards the boss room while Klein tries to defeat the other enemies.

The Army basically tried to attack the boss room, even though they are exhausted. They also can’t use their teleport crystals.

It’s the FIRST TIME in a boss room where people can’t use teleport crystals to escape. This reminds Kirito about Sachi and the rest of her guild.

They desperately wonder what they can do.

As the guild members begin to slowly die from relentless beatings from the boss, but guild leader is suddenly knocked away. 

One attack after another.
His helmet breaks. He starts to cry as Kirito stares at him.

He dies.

Honestly, did you ever take a chance to think about how stupid you were?
More screams continue from those that are still alive.

Asuna can’t help but to grab her sword and to rush in to help protect the remaining people.

Kirito has no choice but to chase after her.

Klein has no choice but to chase after him.

Dragged into this mess.
All three of them try to attack the boss, but each of them are both knocked away and hit.

Damn. That's gotta hurt.
After countless failed attacks, Kirito realizes that he only has one option. He tries desperately to search for another solution, but then remembers what happened with Sachi.

He asks Asuna and Klein to hold it off for about ten seconds.

They roger his command.

Kirito hurriedly switches his equipment.

He is ready.

He switches in. 

One hand, he holds his original sword. The other hand, he whips out the sword that Liz forged for him.

Special Skill: Dual-Sword.

“Star Burst Stream.”

He relentlessly attacks the boss with his double sword as Klein and Asuna watch, shocked by his power.

Kirito also gets hit plenty of times during the battle.

Honestly, the animation isn’t that bad. It’s average, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Final hit. Success as the finishing blow is dealt.

After it, Kirito notices how he has only one tiny bit of HP remaining. He then passes out.

Damn, so close. Plus, I wonder: Has Klein used that revival potion yet?
He awakes to Asuna crying over him.

Oh, Asuna. That's how I love my tsunderes.
He was apparently out for a few seconds. Asuna then hugs him while saying that it was far too reckless. Kirito smiles.

What an unbelievably happy situation he’s in.

Or is it?

They had two deaths. They haven’t had a single death since floor 67. Klein then asks what Kirito’s super move was. Kirito begrudgingly tells Klein that it’s an extra skill, dual-blades. He doesn’t know how he activated it, and it’s not even on the info broker’s list. It seems to be a unique skill.

It just showed up, one day, in his skill window.

Random, isn't it?
If he told everyone about it, there would be a lot of people after him, as gamers are envious.

When the others leave, Asuna tells Kirito that she was so worried, as she had no clue what she would do if he had died. Kirito reminds her that she jumped in first. Asuna then tells her that she’s going to take a break from the guild, as she wants to continue partying with Kirito.

Tough question.
Kirito hesitates at first, but then agrees.

How romantic.
The next day, Kirito is talking to that black blacksmith. Kirito is in the newspaper. 

He laughs. Kirito sighs.
Liz also walks by, telling Kirito that he thought it was just a secret between them, but then he blew his own cover.

Oh, even Liz is here?
Suddenly, Asuna bursts in and asks Kirito what they should do now.

Kirito was taken to the headquarters of Asuna’s guild, where they talk to Commander Heathcliff.

He basically tells Kirito that he can’t just walk away with one of their most important players, Asuna. Kirito reminds him of the Kuradeel incident. Heathcliff apologizes for such, but still tells him he can’t just walk away with Asuna. Heathcliff asks Kirito to fight him, with both of his swords.

If he wins, he gets to take Asuna. If he loses, he has to join their guild.

Kirito agrees.
You sure about that? I think this guy won't be a easy pushover.
Ending Song: Yume Sekai by Haruka Tomatsu

The End.
My Remarks?

Okay, what the fuck? Don’t people have the right to choose what guild they belong to? So, if Asuna truly wanted to leave, doesn’t that mean she can? No one’s exactly the boss of her…we can join/leave guilds whenever in usual MMORPGs.

>inb4 this isn’t a normal MMORPG

Still, I have this huge feeling that Kirito is going to lose, especially if this series follows the light novel closely. It was a rash decision, which will probably result in him joining the guild.

After all, if he doesn’t lose, there would be a lot less conflict.

Next episode is also titled Seeing Red. Looks like I was probably right about his loss.

Things are flowing too much in Kirito's favor. If he doesn't lose the next battle, this series is becoming overly cliched, just like Accel World. It's beginning to run in a cycle...


Thanks for watching – er – reading!

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